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Dominican Republic March 2104

Aventura en la Republica DominicanaMarch 17 - April 2, 2014

The plan:Get to La Republica Dominicana, stay two nights in Cabarete, rent a little motorcycle, explore the island and take it day by day, all the while ignoring the naysayers and trying to deal with locals as much as possible.

Day 1 - Monday March 17th, 2014
Victoria, BC, Canada to Seattle, WA, USA

Patti had dropped me off at the Coho ferry in downtown Victoria. We had scraped the ice off the car earlier but the tree out front was in full bloom at the same time and our backyard garden is off to a good start. Ah the contradictions of living in Victoria. The ferry pulled in and I quickly snapped a picture. Later when I looked at it I realized that the Canadian flag was being flown upside down. Upon enquiring on board I was told that the fellow who did this is apparently half Canadian ...more likely half asleep.

OH NO! said the nice Colombian lady beside me on the Coho ferry from Victoria. "OH NO, this is not good!, I'…