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Almost There

Saturday, January 27 Day 1 Victoria to Vancouver I'm feeling so numb that I can't even feel excited about this trip. I did get my last 23 remaining "miscellaneous" boxes all packed up and into a storage unit. Not enough sleep and too much stress. U-Haul chased me away for showing up too early. Then they wouldn't allow me to park my vehicle on their lot. By the time I found parking on the street there were 6 other renters ahead of me. I left in a foul mood as I pointed the old truck towards James Bay. Then my hired helpers didn't show up on time. One was 15 minutes late and the other never showed up at all. Scary visions of U-Haul's $100/hour policy for late returns were dancing around in my head. At the storage place we ended up inadvertently causing damage to the motorized rollup door at the loading dock. I was hoping not to have to do anything too strenuous just before the trip so I wouldn't injure myself just before leaving. Now my back aches and my

Scrabblebiker Drools Over Belize

January 20, 2007 Only 7 days til I leave the rock and head off to greener, sweatier and more adventurous pastures. The rock? you ask. Well, that would be Vancouver Island in Beautiful BC. Victoria to be more precise. Here I am 44 years old and putting all my belongings in storage on January 27, 2007. OK I'm only going for 4 weeks but what's the point of paying for an apartment while I'm gone, considering that I absolutely loathe the place. Smokers to the left of me, smokers to the right of me, smokers below me, and stompers above me. That's not the kind of filth that suits a refined being like me. Don't worry. When I return in March I've got a room lined up in some trailer with some lesbian I met online. I'm sure she's OK. Those guns are just for target practice she assures me. After all, some other lesbian I only met a few months ago vaguely knows of her and vouches for her. The same day of my move I'm off to Vancouver. One night with a dear friend.