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Icefields Parkway

Monday, September 24th to Monday, October 1st Icefields Parkway Jasper to Banff 300km's on Folding Bikes Dahon MU XL Loaded Up. Ready for the Icefields Parkway. Setting Out From the Jasper HI Hostel. Phew! At Least the Road Conditions are Good ;-) Athabasca Falls. Below the Falls. Tourist Art. Athabasca Falls Area. Athabasca Falls Hostel at Last. Beauty Creek Hostel. Scrabblebiker on Dead Animal Chores. Freddy the Demised Columbian Ground Squirrel. Icefields Mountain Goats on a Human Viewing Tour. Honkin' Big Ass Snow Vehicle. Columbia Icefields Centre. Athabasca Glacier. Represents only 2% of the Columbia Icefields. David. The Lone Cyclist From Wales. Snow Swirls Around us as we Chat. Another Summit Conquered. Sunwapta Pass. Downhill all the Way to Rampart Creek Hostel. Rampart Creek Wilderness HI Hostel. Yup! That's Where we Came From. The Snow is Just an Extra Bonus :-) Bow Summit. The Last Major Climb on This Trip. Mosquito Creek HI Bike Parking. The Trees Must be Havin


Thursday, September 20th to Sunday, September 23rd Winnipeg and Winnipeg back to Jasper Manitoba's Golden Boy. Atop the Manitoba Legislature. Strange Art Inside Manitoba Legislature. And You Thought Western Lullabies Are Grim. Restaurant on Pedestrian/Cyclist Bridge, Winnipeg. Hanging Out With Winnipeg Pedal Power Lefties. Cars Kill. Yeah Baby! More Car Free Day Activities, Winnipeg. Even a Nearby Wedding Party Joined the Street Hockey Game With the Car Free Winnipeg Lefties. Dennis (left) and Karim (right). Serving Bubbly on VIA's Canadian #1 Back to Jasper. This was Dennis' Last Trip With VIA. Retiring after 35 Years With VIA. What a Singer!!

Saskatoon - City of Bridges

Tuesday, September 18th Wednesday, September 19th Saskatoon Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon. South Saskatchewan River. Our Home in Saskatoon. Ulrike Getting Ready for the Day's Ride. Never Rode in a Skirt Myself. 55km's of Saskatoon Bike Paths. Way Rad Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Suspended Between Two Highway Bridges. Saskatoon Youth Mural Art Project by Bike Path. Saskatoon Mothers Out For a Stroll. Very Gripping Art. University of Saskatchewan. Watch out!! Yup, An Old Bridge. Downtown Saskatoon. Historic Bessborough Hotel. A Very Content Scrabblebiker. Art Cafe Near Broadway. Yum! Coffee With Kahlua. More Saskatoon Bridges. Did I Mention It's Called The City of Bridges? The Old and the New. Trans Canada Trail Through Saskatoon. Saskatoon Rowing Folks. More Rowing Folks ...and yeah! a Brige. Did I Mention Bridges? Invasion of the Balloon People. Faster Than the Speed of a Mitey Miss. Cool Railway Bridge with Cycling/Walking Addition. Across South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon. Got