Saskatoon - City of Bridges

Tuesday, September 18th
Wednesday, September 19th


Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon.

South Saskatchewan River.

Our Home in Saskatoon.

Ulrike Getting Ready for the Day's Ride.

Never Rode in a Skirt Myself.

55km's of Saskatoon Bike Paths.

Way Rad Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Suspended Between Two Highway Bridges.

Saskatoon Youth Mural Art Project by Bike Path.

Saskatoon Mothers Out For a Stroll.

Very Gripping Art. University of Saskatchewan.

Watch out!!

Yup, An Old Bridge. Downtown Saskatoon.

Historic Bessborough Hotel.

A Very Content Scrabblebiker. Art Cafe Near Broadway.

Yum! Coffee With Kahlua.

More Saskatoon Bridges.
Did I Mention It's Called The City of Bridges?

The Old and the New.

Trans Canada Trail Through Saskatoon.

Saskatoon Rowing Folks.

More Rowing Folks ...and yeah! a Brige.

Did I Mention Bridges?

Invasion of the Balloon People.

Faster Than the Speed of a Mitey Miss.

Cool Railway Bridge with Cycling/Walking Addition.
Across South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon.

Gotta Make it Down From the Railway Bridge Somehow.
Saskatoon Has Made a Good Effort at Creating a Cycling Infrastructure.


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