Icefields Parkway

Monday, September 24th to Monday, October 1st

Icefields Parkway
Jasper to Banff
300km's on Folding Bikes

Dahon MU XL Loaded Up.
Ready for the Icefields Parkway.

Setting Out From the Jasper HI Hostel.

Phew! At Least the Road Conditions are Good ;-)

Athabasca Falls.

Below the Falls.

Tourist Art.
Athabasca Falls Area.

Athabasca Falls Hostel at Last.

Beauty Creek Hostel.
Scrabblebiker on Dead Animal Chores.

Freddy the Demised Columbian Ground Squirrel.

Icefields Mountain Goats on a Human Viewing Tour.

Honkin' Big Ass Snow Vehicle.
Columbia Icefields Centre.

Athabasca Glacier.
Represents only 2% of the Columbia Icefields.

David. The Lone Cyclist From Wales.
Snow Swirls Around us as we Chat.

Another Summit Conquered. Sunwapta Pass.

Downhill all the Way to Rampart Creek Hostel.

Rampart Creek Wilderness HI Hostel.

Yup! That's Where we Came From.
The Snow is Just an Extra Bonus :-)
Bow Summit. The Last Major Climb on This Trip.

Mosquito Creek HI Bike Parking. The Trees Must be Having Dandruff.

A Very Cozy Looking Travel Writer Hard at Work.

Feeling Right at Home. Mosquito Creek HI Hostel.

The Dreaded Icefields Parkway Moosequito.
Will Suck You Dry in Seconds.

Mosquito Creek From the HI Hostel.

On the Way Down Towards Lake Louise.

Memorial to Ukrainian World War 1 Internees.

Castle Mountain. Halfway Between Lake Louise and Banff.
Bow Valley Parkway.

At Castle Mountain HI Hostel With Manager Tony.
And some guy driving a Subaru.

Waterfall in Johnston Canyon.
Bow Valley Parkway.

Johnston Canyon.
Bow Valley Parkway.

Johnston Canyon Resort.

Definitely Fall.
Bow Valley Parkway.

Mitey Miss and Scrabblebiker.
Nearing the End of the Trip.

More Fall Colours. Just Before Banff.

View From Our Room. Glass of Port in Hand.
The Rimrock Resort. Banff.


Those are great photos! I am glad to see Tony is still a hostel manager on the Parkway. He is an Alberta institution! I spent a few memorable evenings at the (now closed) Spray River hostel when Tony was the manager there. He once bonked a bear in the head with a piece of firewood so the hostel guests wouldn't be harmed. That's service!

David Cambon
Vancouver (BC)
Anonymous said…
so sorry to find that Spray River Hostel now closed. I stayed during 1988 and 1989 fantastic setting. trying to recreate my trip but pobably can't afford it now.
Sorry to hear that too.
I was there in the spring-summer of 1986 and when I ran out of money - the tourist season hadn't started yet, so, no job in May. Tony gave me chores in exchange for the bed and meals until I could start to work (at the Banff Café as a bus boy, then a waiter). Such a nice man and a beautiful place.

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