From Mountain to Coast

Sunday, February 4
Day 9
Belize Day 6

Cycled 87km
Blue Hole to Hopkins

The skies had opened up overnight and I found myself stacking the "can't get wet" stuff on top the "don't care if it gets wet" stuff, while listening to the rain pounding down on my tent, which ceased to be water resistant a long time ago. In the morning I set out in the pouring rain. To my delight the rain was keeping me nice and cool and made the vicious hills on the Hummingbird Highway that much easier to climb. Nevertheless I couldn't see myself covering a lot of ground today with the hills and the rough road surface. Little did I know that I'd be covering 87km's today. To reduce my rolling resistance I decided to pump as much air as I could into my 100psi touring tires. I got them up to about 92psi when a loud sickening pop could be heard. The gasket of my pump was sticking out and I was now without a pump. I was smart in choosing high pressure tires for the trip. But not so smart for not checking to see if my pump could handle the pressure.

The road leveled out beautifully and I was covering an amazing amount of ground. Before I knew it I had my tent set up at Jungle jeanie's in Hopkins. Camped right on the beach and had dinner in their little dining room surrounded by a bunch of chain smoking North Dakotans. Jungle Jeanie and her husband are from Kelowna BC and her hotel was one of the first in Hopkins. A few days later when the North Dakotans left Jeannie told me how aghast she was at their chain smoking and pondered wether she should institute a no smoking policy since she doesn't get many smokers anyway.


jenk said…
Hey Restless Biker,

Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Look forward to hearing more. Stay cool! Jenk

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