Recharging in Los Barriles

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

The cold and the hard work over the last few days has taken a bit out of me. My batteries are low, so I'm taking a rest day in Los Barriles. I once again ran into Kelly, the Canuck cyclist with Tanya, who I had run into earlier.

It's been a really lazy day with not much to write about. Just lolling about, drinking coffee and catching up on the blog.

The campground had a group of cobbers, camped away from the RV crowd. It's a workshop where people, mostly young folks from Canada and the USA, come to learn how to build cobb houses. That's basically straw and mud, in a nutshell. About half the group seemed to be from BC. I decided to invite myself over to their site, under the guise of inquiring about availability of vegetarian food in town. After all, there would certainly be some vegetarians and vegans with a group like this. Before I knew it I was invited to stay for beer and vegan food.

As it turns out, the organizers are from Mayne Island, not too far from Victoria. And to illustrate how small the world can be at times, it turns out that Pat and Kit, the organizers, know someone from my work. They have two abolutely adorable 4 year old twin boys, who insisted on hugging everyone in the group goodnight, including me, whom they had just met. Sure makes your heart melt.

Well, that's it for tonight. Depending on how I feel in the morning, and how much sleep the group allows me to get, I may hit the road early and try to keep up with Kelly and Tanya on the way down to San Jose Del Cabo. I've now decided not to go along the East Cape, via Cabo Pulmo. There isn't enough time unless I want to get into San Jose Del Cabo only the night before my flight.


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