The Darn Spoke Broke Again

Day 10
Monday, September 21
Washburne State park - Florence - Honeyman State Park.
33km by bike

OK, so it's not exactly an epic day of cycling but I had already decided to do this trip in a much slower fashion than my previous one. Besides, Patti had signed up for a slow trip and I respect that.

More sea lions along the way. From the top of our climb we could see them down on the rocks, lying on top of each other like some big nest of flabby worms squirming around.

More easy tailwinds for the day and the hills became a bit easier for the day. More spectacular shoreline and then into Florence. Florence gave a bit of a run down impression. We were hoping for a night at the camp site in town and then a movie. But even the movie theatre had shut down. So off we went to the $6.95 all you can eat Pizza Hut buffet for lunch. Needless to say, we were all groggy and sluggish for the rest of the afternoon and huffed and puffed up the hill to the campsite.

The rather small hike/bike site was quite busy and we managed to squeeze our tent into a site with just enough room. As I went around the tent I violently smacked my left leg into a protruding tree stump. Some rather loud and uncouth words escaped my mouth and I finally agreed to move the tent and the picknick table as Patti had suggested earlier. I should have listened to her from the start. But sometimes we need to learn the hard way.


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