The Tailwinds are Here!!

Day 9
South Beach (Newport) to Carl Washburne State Park.
57km by bike

The kickass winds have finally arrived. Blowing us along the way from behind. The shoreline was simply stunning. Wide sandy beaches, high rocky headlands with roads clinging to their sides and relatively low volumes of traffic. The hills were become somewhat easier for me now that my legs were starting to remember how to ride. At one point the tailwind was so strong that I had to brake on a slight uphill in order to come to a full stop.

We enjoyed a nice little blowhole along the way. It reminded me of a whale spouting away. I half jokingly tried to convince Patti to continue all the way to the California border. "I signed up for Astoria to Coos Bay" she firmly retorted.

By now we were feeling quite dirty, smelly and a bit weary of camp food, dirty sleep wear and damp tents. I took a whiff of the tights I was using for sleeping and immediately agreed with Patti's earlier comments regarding foul smells. Off to the shower with laundry bundle in hand. There's no place like a free hot shower in a State Park to also do one's laundry. I didn't dare ask about Patti's habit of doing the dishes in the shower stall next to me.

This night was much more relaxing. There were no noisy bikers around and the hike/bike site was quite separate from the regular sites.


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